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Tropics Technologies Nig Ltd

Welcome to Tropics Technologies Nigeria Limited, an indigenous  Engineering  Company capable of handling every conceivable Power generation (Solar & Wind ) Electrical /Electronics & Mechanical Engineering and Allied fields.
Our Company is rapidly growing, however our commitment and dedication towards exhibiting high skills in project delivery is constantly renewed to position the company adequately for effective service and project delivery within cost and stipulated time, as well as meeting the client’s request to have value for money and / or return of investment.
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Electrical Load Assessment

Calculation of electrical loads of residential and public buildings is the key factor to consider  before designing the exact capacity of any of our power products for effective installation. 

Procurement of Solar Products

This include Solar Panel, Inverter, Deep Cycle Batteries, Charge Controller, AC and DC cable and other accessories to carry out the complete installation.

Procurement of Wind Products

All equipments and accessories needed for effective wind energy result will be handle by Tropics Technologies in accordance with the load assessment result.

Procurement of CCTV Products

Depends on the number of channel, all needed standard materials and accessories will be shipped from the manufacturer.


Most of the installation is done by Tropics Technologies Nigeria Limited. Both Solar, Wind and CCTV products for clients to enjoy after sale services during the warranty period and beyound.


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